Liberty National New Orleans Convention 2014 – Save Our CemeteriesHave you heard some of the legends or stories about the particularly curious destinations in New Orleans that give the city its reputation for having a mysterious past and unique culture? Whether frightening or historical, the tales buffer one of the most popular tourist activities in New Orleans – cemetery tours.

Save Our Cemeteries

The Save Our Cemeteries organization’s mission is to preserve, protect, and promote the historic cemeteries of New Orleans through restoration, education, and advocacy*.

Save Our Cemeteries started in 1974 when looming destruction of the wall vaults within the iron gates of St. Louis Cemetery No. 2 became a real possibility. Today, the nonprofit organization focuses on preserving all of the historic cemeteries for future generations. Save Our Cemeteries offers tours, lectures, and additional education for anyone interested. When guides aren’t busy giving tours to curious visitors of New Orleans, they often lend a helping hand to help restore abandoned tombs.

Save Our Cemeteries offers tours in the historically famous Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 located within the Garden District, St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 beyond the French Quarter, St. Louis Cemetery No. 2 which is only blocks from the historic French Quarter, the Canal Street cemeteries, and the Metairie Cemetery.

Liberty National Convention in New Orleans

If you want to learn about the legendary lives of New Orleans’ past residents, Save Our Cemeteries may be the perfect tour company for you to venture out with on your #LNLConvention2014 vacation. What are some of the obscure tales you’ve heard about New Orleans and the city’s unique fascination with historical cemeteries? Anything you’re hoping to see or learn about during a cemetery tour?

*, 2013