Liberty National - New Culture. New Systems. New Opportunity.What do you think makes a successful Agency? At Liberty National, the positive new culture, new systems, and new opportunities allow us to help ourselves and help others achieve a high level of career success.

Ownership at Liberty National

As an Agency Owner, the new culture at Liberty National means having a completely different mindset. When I previously served four years as a Branch Manager, I managed something that was not my own. Now, as an Agency Owner, Liberty National has given me a new mindset of ownership and entrepreneurship.

I began my career with Liberty National at age 21. I’ve never worked for any other company that felt like family the way Liberty National does. I know this family atmosphere is something that won’t change. The role of Agency Ownership is one I see myself in for the rest of my career. How many other people do you know who can say the same?

From the Laptop Sales Presentation, to Worksite Advantage, to Leadership Academies, Liberty National’s new systems are continuously changing in order to make each of us more prosperous. The new worksite marketing program gives Agents a clear track to run on, making it easy to hold them to a standard for success. For the last few years, I’ve concentrated on the worksite market, and I think increasing the focus on worksite, in addition to individual sales, is one of Liberty National’s most beneficial changes.

New opportunity at Liberty National is virtually limitless. Who says you have to open an Agency near where you currently live? Have you ever dreamed of living in the mountains or by the beach? The map of possibilities with Liberty National is as vast as you make it! It’s our job to provide insurance to those who need it and let others know about ‘The Opportunity of a Lifetime’. Do you realize your recruiting possibilities are unlimited? With unemployment rates high, and the ever-changing job market, you will never run out of recruits. Having a progressive attitude and taking advantage of the current economy will help our Company pick up momentum to grow.

Finding Success

To me, as an Agency Owner, the new opportunity represents a way to help others be successful in their careers, while protecting the community with our insurance products. There are two main reasons I took this position: One reason is the residual income opportunity, and the second is that I enjoy what I do. And this is exactly what I want to do for the rest of my career. The residual income in this position allows me to build a seven-figure income over the next decade of service. Seven figures! The lifetime residual income will pass down to my heirs, creating a legacy for my family that extends beyond me. Helping others achieve success in their careers makes me successful in mine. Helping others should be what truly drives us all in this business. Success in management is only found by helping others achieve success.

How will you and your Agency embrace the changes at Liberty National? Don’t get left behind. Pick up the pace, and you’ll find yourself rubbing elbows with some of the Company’s top producers and leaders. After all, the new culture, new systems, and new opportunities at Liberty National are already in place to help you accumulate unlimited reward and wealth.