From John Maxwell’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Momentum is a Leader’s Best Friend at Liberty National

To succeed, harness the power of momentum! It makes the future look brighter, and obstacles appear smaller. An organization with momentum is like a high-speed train moving 185 miles an hour — almost impossible to stop!

Liberty National - Maxwell Law #16: The Law of the Big MO

Liberty National – Maxwell Law #16: The Law of the Big MO

Truths About Momentum

  • When you have momentum, you see the ‘big picture’. You worry less about little things, which generally take care of themselves anyway, and direct your attention to more important issues.
  • Momentum helps your Agency members perform better. People are motivated to perform at a higher level, making everyone associated with the leader more successful.
  • Momentum is the most powerful force for change and makes any kind of change possible in any type of organization. When you have momentum, there is no limit to how far you can go or how fast you can get there.
  • Leaders create momentum from within. You must have passion, vision, a good team around you that embraces your vision, enthusiasm, and the ability to motivate others. As you start to push forward together, momentum begins to build, the train starts to pick up speed along the track, and success is just around the bend.

How do you create momentum? Believe wholeheartedly in yourself and in the talented men and women in your Agency. When you truly believe in your abilities and those of your team … THERE IS NO STOPPING YOU … ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING BECOMES POSSIBLE!