Liberty National - Maxwell Law #14: Law of Buy-In

Liberty National – Maxwell Law #14: Law of Buy-In

From John Maxwell’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

  • People follow worthy leaders who promote worthwhile causes.
  • The leader and the vision always go together. The two cannot be separated.
  • A leader must get his/her people to buy into them first if the vision has any chance of becoming a reality.

Importance of ‘Buy-In’

We talk a lot about the importance of ‘buy-in’. It creates a shared vision allowing Agencies to grow and produce year after year. As Roger Smith and Steve DiChiaro lead our Company with the vision they share for growth and success, each of you lead with vision as well.

When you’re an Agent your vision may feel personal, but as you move along your career path with Liberty National, that vision moves and grows along with you. When you become a leader … whether Supervising Agent, Agency Director, or Agency Owner … others buy into your vision and bring it closer to reality every day.

Liberty National Vision

All of us associated with this great Company share a vision of growth and success that is limitless. Are you one of the leaders bringing that vision to reality?