From John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Liberty National – Maxwell Law #13: The Law of Reproduction

Liberty National – Maxwell Law #13: The Law of Reproduction

It takes a true leader to help other people become leaders.

Leaders who develop other leaders are able to:

  • See the big picture
  • Attract potential leaders
  • Create an ‘eagle’ environment

At Liberty National, we’re all leaders helping others become leaders. Whether Directors, Agency Owners, Agency Directors, Supervising Agents, or Agents, we maintain a mentality of leadership in everything we do – from Agency meetings to Leadership Academy to sitting across the kitchen table from a customer.

We see the big picture when we anticipate and implement what we must do to achieve the long-term production goals set by Liberty National management.

We attract potential leaders every time we do personal recruiting, or set up a booth at a local health fair or college recruiting event.

Liberty National Eagle Environment

We create an ‘eagle’ environment every time we offer the Opportunity of a Lifetime to potential leaders and make it clear there is no limit to how high they can soar or what they can achieve! Remember, eagles are known for having vision, vitality, strength, tenacity, and most of all flying high … a lot like the leaders of Liberty National.

Do you create an eagle environment in your Agency?