From John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Liberty National – Maxwell Law #10: The Law of Connection

Liberty National – Maxwell Law #10: The Law of Connection

When you recruit or build relationships at Liberty National do you make sure you don’t ask for too much from people too quickly? Do you recognize the importance of getting to know your peers and helping each other reach goals and visions? It’s important to build strong relationships and connections so people see you investing your time and effort in them. In turn they’ll most likely truly want to help you, your Agency, and the Company.

Six Key Factors to Building Relationships with Others

    1. Personal Authenticity
    2. Relationship
    3. Approachability
    4. Mutual Respect
    5. Belief in People
    6. Meaning & Depth

Connect at Liberty National

Can you think of any Agents or leaders at Liberty National who exemplify Maxwell’s Law of Connection? Does your Agency focus on building valuable connections? People tend to get involved and help each other out if they know you care about them and their success as well as your own.

You can form a connection with almost anyone, whether it’s family, friends, other Agents, recruits, customers, etc. The more open and honest you are with others, the more impactful and meaningful a connection becomes.

Do you concentrate on connecting with other Agents in your Liberty National Agency? When you discuss things and confide in others you might realize how great it is to be able to bounce ideas and questions off of each other! How do you build important relationships at Liberty National?