Liberty National - Light the Fire

Liberty National – Light the Fire

Time flies when you’re having fun. And at Liberty National Life Insurance Company, we like to have some serious fun. But we also work hard. Real hard. Assistant Unit Managers, you’ve put in a lot of time and energy this week to focus on the wisdom imparted. You didn’t have to be here, but you were and we thank you for your dedication and commitment to learning and getting better than ever.

While it’s always sad when a Liberty National Leadership Academy course comes to an end, it’s also exciting because you can think about all the things you want to tell your team when you get back. We hope your enthusiasm and excitement are contagious. Ignite your passion in each member on your team. Begin grooming your Agents to become AUMs for when you move up to Unit Manager.

Your potential is endless. We know you can do it. Show us.

What are you most FIRED up about and ready to implement when YOU get home?