Liberty National Life - Taking Notes

Liberty National Life – Taking Notes

Whoa. Was yesterday amazing, or what? Leadership Academy 101 wouldn’t be what it is without our amazing Assistant Unit Managers. Go ahead, pat yourselves on the back. We are SO excited you stepped up and took on this challenging leadership position that primes you for even bigger and better things in the future.

So, with Day 1 in the history books, let’s focus on today – Day 2. Today promises to build upon yesterday’s lessons, so take advantage of those red LLA101 ink pens and write down what inspires you. Jot down questions you want to ask the speakers during the next break. And most importantly, blog about your experience at LLA101 so those back in your Branch know what’s going on. Go on, make ‘em jealous.

So you can earn that piece of chocolate from Terri, answer this question: The best piece of advice I got yesterday was _________________.