www.LNLAcademy.comHope you’re ready to rock.

The guitars are tuned, the A/V crew is wrapping up their final rehearsal, and here at Liberty National Leadership Academy, we’re ready for what promises to be a ROCK CONCERT for the ages.

LOUD JAMS? Check! INVALUABLE wisdom? Check! Enough positive energy to turn a million amps UP TO 11?? Check check check!

During #LLA101 this week, we want all AUMs to stop by Blog Central and drop a comment on MyLibertyLife.com. Share your experiences for the peeps back home. It’s gonna’ be an awesome, hanging-from-the-rafters couple’a days in McKinney, Texas, and we want everyone to know it!

For now, get some rest – in mere hours, you’ll find yourself engulfed in a three-day mosh pit of knowledge. While in there, don’t be surprised if you get supercharged with an absolute ONSLAUGHT of wisdom:  handling objections, Branch-building, increasing sales, mastering recruitment, and more. Hold on tight, gang – it’s about to get super swaggilicious up in here.

Are you an overachiever?  Great!  Drop Liberty National’s Leadership Academy a comment right NOW on this post.  First person to comment is gonna get a VIP gift on Tues., Aug. 21 – center stage, in front of the entire crowd.