At the Fall Agency Owner Meeting in October, a prestigious group of Agency Owners were presented with Liberty National’s new Legacy Award. The award is given to Agency Owners who help their top Agents excel outside of their Agencies into higher positions of leadership.

Liberty National Legacy Award WinnersAn Elite Group of Liberty National Winners

This year the award was given to Stephanie Jackson for the advancement of Chris Graham, Haim Elfersy for the advancement of Larry McDaniel, Angela Hanson for the advancement of Heath Johnsey, Jason Perry for the advancement of Todd Lomenick, and Jason Everett for the advancement of Rob Czerwinski. Congratulations to all of our Liberty National award winners!

How Will Your Career Be Remembered?

These hardworking men and women have definitely made a name for themselves. They continue to build a legacy through their Agencies and hard work. How can you make a name for yourself at Liberty National?

  • Do your AD and AO know your goals? It’s important to let others know your short and long-term goals.
  • Tell superiors what you’re working toward so they can help you get on the right career track.
  • Be an example of hard work and success. Help others grow and advance to positions of leadership.
  • Attend Leadership Academy 101 and 201 to learn important leadership skills. Network with other talented Liberty National Agents, meet Company leaders, and pinpoint (literally) on the map where you want to have your own Agency office.
  • Be an Agency Builder! Code more Agents to exhibit growth.
  • Open your own Agency. Create an opportunity to change customers’ lives and the lives of Agents in your Agency.
  • Do what it takes to win competitions like the Six-Month Contest or the Cabo Agency Owner Contest.
  • Qualify for Convention!
  • Develop lasting relationships with your customers. This generates renewals and builds potential for referrals.
  • Represent yourself, your Agency, and Liberty National through participation in Closer to the Heart events.
  • Interact with Company Social Media.
  • Be on time, look sharp, and have a plan.

To learn more about the Legacy Award, watch the YouTube video here! What goals can you set to make a recognizable name for yourself at Liberty National? What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?