How do you lead at Liberty National?

As you try to answer this question, the name of someone in your life who inspires you might pop into your head. Maybe you’re thinking of a mentor or co-worker you’ve met through Liberty National, or maybe you are thinking of someone who has impacted your life in another way.

This leader has impressed upon you a style of leadership you respect and, likely, try to emulate in your own life. One thing is certain: the leader you aspire to be like has clearly led by example – and you’re proof!

Now the challenge: Be the kind of leader people want to emulate. Don’t tell people why you’re good at what you do; show them. We at Liberty National know you have what it takes to become the charismatic leader who inspires co-workers, supervisors, friends, family, and, who knows, maybe even one day, the world!

But we want you to tell us, how do YOU lead by example?

Leave a comment below – we want to hear from you.