If you’ve done the “Happy” dance, earned a pair of LNL sunglasses, and feasted on Dickey’s barbecue within the past 24 hours, you are either a Liberty National Leadership Academy 101 attendee or part of a crazy coincidence. In short, if you’re not in the Home Office for #LLA101, you should be.

Rock Out at Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy Rocks

This action-packed, energy-filled event has the Conference Center rockin’ (courtesy of DJ Wayne) a ballad of leadership. We can hardly keep the electricity, or the possibility of the Electric Slide breaking out at any given moment, confined to the building.

But that’s the beauty of Leadership Academy. The insights attendees gain here get shared throughout their Agencies. Their teams build and hit a high note, until those budding rock star leaders are ready to attend LLA101, themselves.

If you’re in the house for Leadership Academy, what piece of wisdom are you most excited to bring home to your Agency?