Calling all February 2014 #LLA101 graduates! Have you downloaded your professional headshots from our Flickr yet? Pair your awesome headshot with what you learned from Liberty National Director of Marketing Christie Gibson about Social Media and you’ll be making connections for your Agency in no time!

#LLA101 Headshots – Why Use Them?
Did you know you’re seven times more likely to have your profile viewed on LinkedIn if you have a photo uploaded*?  Photographs not only make your profile seem more personable, but also make you appear more approachable. People like to see that they’re interacting with an actual person, and not just another name without a face on a social networking site. Including a photo helps people remember you, too. For example, by adding your headshot to your Liberty National business card, you’re not only making your card stand out from the rest, but also ensuring that you’ll be remembered later on.

Liberty National Leadership Academy 101 Headshots

Where should you use your headshot? Everywhere!

#LLA101 Headshots – Use Them Everywhere!
Below are some other examples of the places you should be using your headshot.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Upload your headshot as your profile picture on every Social Media tool you use. Consistency is important, so be sure to use the same headshot across all of your profiles. This will help you be recognized more easily.

Don’t be afraid to take full advantage of your #LLA101 headshots! They make you look professional and definitely give you a leg up in the field when promoting or recruiting.

*, 2013