Liberty National Leaders in History – James CameronThroughout long-past and more recent history, there are individuals who were determined to make a difference and impression creating a lasting legacy for the world. James Cameron, best known as film producer for Titanic, The Terminator, and Avatar, is one such individual who shares his talent in a profitable way. James has written, and brought to life, some of the most memorable and iconic films of our time.

A ‘Titanic’ Impact on the Industry

His major 1997 film, Titanic, became the first film in history to earn more than $1 billion, and it received 14 Academy Award nominations. After the success of his self-written and directed Titanic, James spent more than 10 years working on his next dream movie, Avatar*. Avatar was the first movie of its kind, completed long after it was actually written and originally planned. James stalled on production to wait for technology to catch up with his vision. Avatar became the highest grossing film of all time, earning $2.7 billion at the box office**.

Did you know James traveled to the Mariana Trench, a.k.a. the deepest part of the ocean? His contributions to underwater filming have been more than impressive, and he is one of only three people to travel to this depth of the sea. Remember the underwater footage of the sunken ocean liner featured in Titanic? He captured the actual footage himself during dives he took while filming. James hasn’t limited himself to writing, directing, and producing. He’s also taken a proactive approach in contributing to various sciences, research, and change, involving everything from technology to vegetarianism. James has received recognition for his environmental conservation contributions as well as earning a reputation coupled with success and innovation.

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*, 2013

**, 2013