“The good building is not one that hurts the landscape, but one which makes the landscape more beautiful than it was before the building was built.” –Frank Lloyd Wright

Liberty National Leaders in History - Frank Lloyd WrightFrom his innovative influence on architectural design to his skill creating peace between man’s creation and the environment, Frank Lloyd Wright made an impact on the world of architecture.

A ‘Structured’ Career

Frank saw himself as an educator, interior designer, and architect. His most notable and innovative design was Fallingwater, a weekend home designed for a family in Pennsylvania. Frank used design elements that coincided with surrounding nature and created not only a functional, but also a visual masterpiece.

During his career, Frank was commissioned to design the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. A staple in his designs were the shapes he found most appealing in the environment. He even created buildings that looked like trees*! Frank is also widely recognized as a leader in Prairie Style design.

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