“Fingerprints are like values—you leave them all over everything you do.” –Elvis Presley

Liberty National Leaders in History: Elvis PresleyWhile Elvis Presley may not be the most stereotypical leader we’ve ever featured on our Liberty National Leaders in History blog series, he was an entertainer who influenced change as a cultural icon from the 1950s to the 1970s.

The King of Rock and Roll

Have you seen some of Elvis’ popular films like Jailhouse Rock, Blue Hawaii, or Viva Las Vegas? Surely you’ve had the lyrics to ‘Hound Dog’, ‘All Shook Up’, or ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ stuck on your mind a time or two? Elvis starred in 31 feature films and was a winner of three Grammy Awards and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award*. As one of the most popular musicians recording in several music genres including rock, pop, and even gospel, Elvis’ career and legacy is still celebrated by his fans today.

Elvis was responsible for a wave of unfamiliarity and new notoriety in the entertainment industry. He brought with him a new style, an outgoing fan base, and the beginning of a new era for music. Elvis shared his talents with the world, often paying no mind to criticism and controversy.

Leaders at Liberty National

Even after his death, today more than 600,000 people visit Elvis’s former Graceland home annually. Graceland is on the National Register of Historic Places*. Elvis made his mark and inspired countless other musicians and actors to share their talents with the world.

Who are some leaders or influential individuals you look up to? Are there Agents at Liberty National you think are great leaders? What do leaders do to stand out?

* http://www.cnn.com/2013/08/30/us/elvis-presley-fast-facts/, 2014