Liberty National Leaders in History: Diane SawyerIf you’re a fan of the Liberty National Leaders in History blog series then get fired up. Not only is it almost the weekend, but this Friday we’re learning all about the life and career of the legendary television correspondent Diane Sawyer.

A Career in the Spotlight

Diane is widely recognized as the first female correspondent on 60 Minutes and she’s currently an anchor of ABC World News*. Diane made her dream of being a famous broadcast journalist a reality and paved the way for future female journalists who want to share their talent and important stories with the world.

Diane’s resume contains job titles including co-anchor of ABC’s Good Morning America, Primetime, and 20/20. Pretty impressive collection of job experiences wouldn’t you say? She’s interviewed everyone from Richard Nixon to Amanda Knox bringing facts, insight, and perspective to audiences across the nation.

Make a Notable Impact at Liberty National

Make a Notable Impact at Liberty NationalNo matter where you’re from or what your previous job experience or education includes, at Liberty National everyone gets to take part in the Opportunity of a Lifetime. What are your Liberty National career goals? How do important leaders from the past and the present inspire you to go above and beyond to achieve it all?

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*, 2013