Liberty National FEMALE Branch Managers RULE

Remember the Pink Ladies from the movie Grease?  You know, Rizzo, Sandy, Frenchie?  Well, our FEMALE Branch Managers are in their own gang.  Yeah, it’s called the full-time, hardworking MOMMAS makin’ bank and takin’ a LEAP of FAITH in my high heels club.

To all the LNL Agent and AUM CHICKS out there who ASPIRE to take on a challenging leadership role here at LNL, first of all, you should apply to attend the next Liberty Leadership Academy in April.  Lasso your Branch Manager and tell him/her to SHOW you what you need to do to qualify.  In the meantime, get INSPIRED and MOTIVATED by watching these DYNAMIC female LEADERS.

Kathy Blanco

Angela Hanson

Vickie Ketron

Michele Sellors

Sherri Young

Accepting new gang members.