Liberty National Executive Vice President Steve DiChiaroDid you know water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit to produce steam? No, not 211 degrees, but 212 degrees. When produced on a large scale, steam has been used to power ships, trains, tractors, construction equipment, tanks, and even rockets. It’s been said steam engines were the moving force behind the Industrial Revolution. Where might our country be today if not for that extra degree?

That one-degree difference is something you should embrace at Liberty National. What would be the result if every AO, AD, SA, and Agent made one additional degree of effort … one more prospecting call each day … one more recruiting contact each day … one more sales presentation each week … one more Call Clinic each week … one more recruiting seminar each month?

I’ll tell you what the result would be. INCREASED ACTIVITY!!  Increased activity in all these areas means increased production, increased income, and eventually increased renewals. When you are willing to extend yourselves just a little, the impact can be massive and far reaching.

The Right Direction with Liberty National

As you approach the end of 2013, I believe you are going in the right direction. Month after month, I’ve seen improvements in recruiting, hiring, prospecting, training, coding, etc., but you’re not there yet. As the year winds down and you set your goals for 2014, remember …

Recruiting must be the foundation for your Agency culture. Present the ‘Opportunity of a Lifetime’ every time you turn around … and I mean that literally. If you’re standing in line at the grocery store or bank, turn around and engage the person behind you in conversation. You never know, but that individual may be primed to accept the ‘Opportunity of a Lifetime’. Personal recruiting was the only recruiting method many of you had in the early days, and it’s still important. Nothing replaces the personal touch, whether it’s in recruiting, hiring, training, or selling. Use Social Media, personal networking, and word-of-mouth recruiting through acquaintances, friends, and family members. The more activity you create around recruiting, the more codes you’ll generate in your Agency. Remember, everyone is a prospect, and almost everyone may be a recruit. Make recruiting an all-the-time, everywhere process!

Recruit, recruit, recruit!

Like a great running back, continue to move forward, never give up yardage, momentum, or steam to get into the end zone. Remember what you do now until the end of the year sets the tone for 2014.

Intensify your recruiting efforts. The Agents who code from now until the end of this year will be your your future Agency builders. These are critical components of growth for you, your Agency, and the Company. Don’t take your foot off the accelerator. Keep the pedal to the metal in terms of recruiting, hiring, training, and production. Create a strong foundation NOW and build upon it in 2014.