Liberty National - Are You a Great Coach?Football fever! Yeah, I have it. Is there a red-blooded American who doesn’t? Probably not, or if there is, I don’t know any. Football is as much a part of the fabric of America as the 4th of July. Even people who aren’t football fans — I’m told they do exist — understand that. But we seem to have an especially warm spot for college football. There is something inspiring about watching a bunch of fresh-faced college kids playing their hearts out for the pure love of the game and witnessing the sheer joy friends and family express when victory is close.

Insurance sales aren’t so far removed from football. Every year college football scouts seek out the best athletes to join their teams, while we hope to recruit the best individuals to join Liberty National. So often you hear us say we want people who are “coachable”. It’s the same concept with college football players. When an individual is coachable, whether a new Agent or a new running back, it makes the Agency Owner’s (or coach’s) job a whole lot easier. Like a successful football team, a successful Liberty Agency office is very much a team effort. Where would our successful Agency Owners be without their Agency Directors or our Agency Directors without their Supervising Agents … or our Supervising Agents without their Agents? We all do our individual jobs; yet work together, to create success for the entire team.

There is a major difference, though, between recruiting top talent for a college football team and recruiting top talent for Liberty National. Football scouts look at those who have already excelled in their chosen sport. When we recruit, it’s literally a whole different ballgame. Sure, we get new Agent recruits with previous insurance sales experience, but we get just as many — or more — without it. Every time I take part in Liberty’s Leadership Academy training I’m amazed at the variety of backgrounds represented. But I shouldn’t be, should I? I’m no different from anyone else. My years at Home Depot are a long way from Liberty National, but like many of you, provided me with invaluable training that has helped me in my insurance career.

Great Agency Owners, like great coaches, inspire team members to be the best they can be. Think about the people who have inspired you in your lifetime … a teacher, a coach, a sports figure, maybe a relative? What was it about those individuals that you responded to? When you looked at them, you saw the potential within yourself to become more like them. And that’s what you want to create for your team at Liberty National. Inspire them by setting a great example. If you want your team members to be accountable, you be accountable. If you want them to care about their success, you care about their success. If you want them to go the extra mile for their customers, you go the extra mile for them.

As an Agency Owner and as a leader, you must have vision and be able to influence your team so they embrace that vision too. How do you influence them? Gain their trust and respect. And how do you do that? Care about them! They need to know that you have a personal investment in their future!

And be good — no; be great — at what you do. Only then will it make sense for your team members to follow you. It’s going to be a fantastic season!