Closer to the Heart at Liberty National

#LNLConvention2013 is more than the most wonderful time of the year for our qualifiers. It’s also a time when Liberty National likes to give back. Our San Diego Convention last week was no exception as we unveiled our latest Closer to the Heart Project!

Liberty National partnered with USO San Diego  for our Convention Closer to the Heart Project. We worked to assemble 600 backpacks containing nonperishable food items for soldiers arriving back in the states. These soldiers are coming home to return to civilian life, on temporary leave, or on the way to their next assignment. The USO has our bags ready, accompanied with fresh fruit and cold drinks, to distribute to these brave men and women to whom we owe so much.

Liberty National Combines Time with Monetary Contributions

Liberty National’s efforts didn’t stop there! This Closer to the Heart Project included a combined donation of $15,638 to the 2014 Marine Corps Trials, paralympic games for wounded veterans. Including the bag and food donations, that’s more than $30,000 of generosity Liberty National has given back to the San Diego community.

We have two words for you, Liberty National: thank you!