Liberty National Life Doesn't Fear Change“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” – Benjamin Franklin

As a statesman, diplomat, scientist, inventor, newspaper editor, and even one-time postmaster general, Benjamin Franklin had quite a bit of experience with change. You may not be experimenting with electricity or founding a nation, but as a Liberty National Agent, you will also need to alter your work habits from time to time. Falling into a regular routine with your day-to-day work at Liberty National is easy, but reaching your higher goals will require much more than that.

Adapt and Thrive

It’s basic human nature to avoid change, because, let’s be honest, change is difficult. But if you were to ask some of the head honchos at Liberty National how they climbed to their level of leadership, they’d tell you they got there by constantly adapting. Whether you’re writing business or training a team of your own, you’re sure to face plenty of challenges along the way. Think of each hurdle you encounter as a chance to practice your adaptation skills. With more practice, you’ll have an easier time facing challenges and eventually plow through any hardships with ease.

If You Don’t Make a Change, Who Will?

No doubt, you’ve already faced moments at Liberty National where you had to adapt to a new situation. How has changing your routine at work helped you grow as an Agent? Head over to Liberty National’s Official Facebook page and tell us your story!