Law #21:  Legacy – From John Maxwell’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

“A life isn’t significant except for its impact on other lives.” – Jackie Robinson, American Baseball Hall of Famer

Liberty National – Establish a Legacy

Liberty National – Establish a Legacy

A leader’s lasting value is measured by succession.

To make an impact as a leader on a future generation, be intentional about your legacy. You have a choice about the legacy you leave, so work to leave the legacy you want. To accomplish that, you must lead your life, not simply accept your life. To create your legacy, live it first. Be proactive about how you live and live what you say you believe. Only then do you have credibility as a leader. Someday people will summarize your life in a single sentence. Decide now what you want that sentence to be!

A team of good leaders is needed in order to succeed.

You don’t succeed in life or in business within a vacuum. Surround yourself with people who have leadership quality and share your vision or a similar vision in terms of their own legacy. By helping you succeed now, they help themselves succeed in the future.

Develop your successor.

Choose who will carry on your legacy, because a legacy lives on in people, not things. Too often leaders put their energy into organizations, buildings, or other lifeless objects. But only people live on after you are gone. Everything else is temporary.

Know when to walk away.

This is difficult for any great leader. Before you walk away, start the process of ‘passing the baton’, because no matter how well you lead, you will not leave the legacy you desire if you fail to pass the baton.

How have you established your legacy at Liberty National?

Remember, our ability as leaders is not measured by the buildings we build or the institutions we establish. We are judged by how well the people we invest in carry on after we are gone.

You have the opportunity at Liberty National to create a legacy for yourself, your family, and our Company. It’s time to decide what that legacy will be.