Liberty National Entrepreneurs in History - Henry FordWhen you think of famous entrepreneurs, you probably think of people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, maybe even Oprah. This week Liberty National is starting a new blog series: Liberty National Entrepreneurs in History. To kick off the series, we did some research on an influential man from the past:  Henry Ford.

Henry was responsible for changing the face of automobile production in America. While he was not the inventor of the motor car, he made alterations to the industry’s production methods that lowered costs and allowed everyday Americans the opportunity to afford vehicles.

Henry Ford’s Story

Henry was born in 1963 in Michigan. He was immediately interested in mechanical parts and later moved to Detroit to pursue a career in engineering. Ford Motor Company started in 1903. Henry revolutionized the assembly line his cars were manufactured on and because of his innovations, by 1932 an estimated 33% of the world’s automobiles were produced by Ford Motor Company*.

Ford Motor Company turned heads with the Model T, which was introduced in 1908. With Henry’s tweaking of the assembly line system, it made production on this vehicle faster and more cost efficient than ever before.

Henry continued to make innovations to the automobile industry throughout his life. (When you’re friends with people like Thomas Edison, great things tend to be expected from you!) Years later, Henry mobilized his production factories for the war effort and produced bombers, Jeeps, and tanks for World War II**.

Liberty National Entrepreneurs

Where would we be without the ability to use our vehicles whenever and wherever we want? Do you think Henry imagined how powerful and luxurious cars of the future would be?

At Liberty National all you need is ambition and you can have everything you’re willing to work for. Will you take a risk today to pursue an idea or vision you have for success?

*, 2013

**, 2013