Liberty National Encourages SuccessHow can we motivate others to achieve success at Liberty National? Liberty National Agents should sleep well at night knowing the impact and difference they make in the lives of others. But besides giving others the Opportunity of a Lifetime and helping protect American families with insurance coverage, there are specific things our Company does to encourage Agents, Supervising Agents, Agency Directors, and Agency Owners.

Liberty National Takes Motivation Seriously

  • Torch Magazine (coming to your mailbox!) recognizes Agency Builders, new SAs, new ADs, anniversaries, Director of the Month, Convention Qualifiers, Agent production for the month and year, and Agent Bonuses. The Company’s monthly magazine also features a Liberty National Book Club detailing some of the most influential books for developing leaders. In Torch you’ll find contest updates, and fun photos from recent Leadership Academies. There’s no better place to get a monthly shot of motivation!
  • Liberty National has profiles on all of the most popular Social Media outlets. Whether you want to post something on Facebook or see some of the most recent trending motivation on Twitter from your fellow Agents, we have the means to keep you constantly encouraged and connected!
  • Liberty National Leadership Academy courses are designed for our SAs, ADs, and AOs. No matter what level of leadership you’re currently in, or are looking to move into, there are courses at the Home Office specific for your leadership development. Focus on training, systems, networking, and meeting Company leaders. Hear real-life success stories from Company executives and Agency Owners.
  • One of the best parts of being a Liberty National Agent is getting the opportunity to qualify for the annual Convention. From New Orleans to San Diego, the Company has taken Agents all over the nation, all expenses paid. Think you handle that? The thought of a little vacation time motivates me. How about you?

What Motivates you to be the Best?

What motivators do you make a part of your daily business? Are there things you can change in your Agency to keep your team motivated and eyes on the prize?