Liberty National - Headed to San Diego

Are you ready to sink your toes in the sand and relax?

#LNLConvention2013 gives qualifying Agents a chance to stay at the iconic Del Coronado in San Diego, California. Take time for yourself on America’s Best Beach for 2012 or head out for an electrifying day trip!

San Diego Zoo Safari Park lets you take a journey on a safari expedition of your very own, in a very unique and personalized way. Defy the stereotype of an average tourist attraction! Go behind the scenes and observe some of the world’s most interesting wildlife. Explore and observe the scene from a flight line, caravan, cart, tram, or the ropes! With eight tours to choose from, you are sure to find a safari that best amuses your adventurous side. details packages and safari options that appeal to all ages.

Are there any wild animals you have never seen before and are looking forward to interacting with? Your adventure awaits! Are you ready?