Liberty National - Columbia, South Carolina is the Place to Be! Columbia, South Carolina, is home to Ben Hastings’ Liberty National Agency office. Columbia is often recognized for its rich history and as home to a plethora of entertainment and tourism opportunities for visitors.

The South Carolina State Museum

Visitors will find the South Carolina State Museum located next to the Congaree River in the downtown district of Columbia, inside the historic 1893 Columbia Mill textile building. The South Carolina State Museum, founded in 1988, prides itself as the state’s largest museum. Exhibits offer insight on South Carolina Art, Natural History, Science and Technology, and Cultural History*. Do you want to visit the historical attraction?

Liberty National and the Opportunity of a Lifetime

Want to learn more about Ben Hastings or his Liberty National Agency in Columbia, South Carolina? Think a career in which you determine your worth and the speed at which you excel sounds promising? Liberty National offers the Opportunity of a Lifetime to anyone willing to work hard and build a future for themselves. So what are you waiting for?

*, 2013