Liberty National Checks Out the Downtown Aquarium in HoustonChris Graham’s Liberty National Agency office in Houston, Texas, is surrounded by awesome entertainment destinations. Houston even came in at number seven on The New York Times list of 46 Places to Go in 2013*. Have you heard all the hype about the Downtown Aquarium of Houston?

Exploration and Adventure with Liberty National

Houston’s Downtown Aquarium came to life after the historical Fire Station No. 1 and Central Waterworks Building were each renovated. The complex is now home to a 500,000-gallon water world and features more than 200 species of inhabitants from around the planet**. Downtown Aquarium has a restaurant, bar, ballroom, and exciting exhibits fun for all ages. Visitors can ride the train under the tunnel shark tank for a full view of the underwater habitat.

Exhibits include the Louisiana Swamp, Shipwreck, Rainforest, Sunken Temple, Gulf of Mexico, Stingray Reef, and more. See fascinating aquatic creatures such as alligators, sea horses, eels, and starfish. Want to interact with and touch a real life stingray? Downtown Aquarium can get you hooked up!

The Opportunity of a Lifetime in Houston, Texas

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Have you been to the Downtown Aquarium? What do you recommend visitors do while they’re exploring the venue?


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**, 2014