Liberty National: Be in our Business - Not Just Around our Business

Liberty National: Be in our Business – Not Just Around our Business

When we started in this business we were all very excited … but also probably scared as to where the journey would take us. We need to remember that excitement and fear while we direct, coach, and mentor our new Agents. Remembering the feelings we had will help Agents realize the dreams we have achieved. Of course, not all of our new Agents will reach the ultimate goal of becoming an Agency Owner, but they all need to be shown the vision. Seeing the big picture will help them aspire to reach their goals and dreams.

Vision at Liberty National

Along with vision, the new Agent needs to grow in confidence. This confidence will come with competence and knowledge of our business. It’s our job to train, teach, and transfer the skill sets necessary to help them reach success. Transferring the proper skill set is our challenge. Helping the new Agent reach the final goal of the sale (the win) is our purpose.

Game Plan for Success

With this end result in mind, we must start at the beginning and remember what that actually looked and felt like. We have to be in our business, not just around our business. The AO is the head coach of the team. Team members look to the AO for their confidence, direction, and above all, leadership. Show the team the game plan for success. Hold them accountable to bring in the win! Liberty National is a great team to play on to reach our dreams. Let’s help others reach their dreams too!