Liberty National Book Club – Sell or Be SoldIn Liberty National’s latest Book Club selection, Sell or Be Sold: How to get Your Way in Business and in Life, author Grant Cardone encourages readers to see everything as a sale. Cardone explains how to handle rejection, disregard negativity, and boost productivity with positivity.

What Did You Learn from the Leadership Guide?

Did the book help you gain new perspective or rethink some of your sales tactics? How do you get positive recognition from those you hope to influence most? Know your audience and learn how to approach different kinds of people you encounter in your personal life and in the field.

Cardone’s easy step-by-step strategies to success might make all the difference for you and your growing career. Develop simple concepts and use them with confidence when selling others on yourself, your views, and the Liberty National products you represent. Learn how to sell and close the deal before you’re the one who gets sold!

Reflect and Learn at Liberty National

What did you learn about yourself and your sales approaches from this book? What was the most valuable piece of information you took away from Sell or Be Sold: How to get Your Way in Business and in Life? Share your thoughts with us here!