In honor of Labor Day and the upcoming Freedom issue of Torch magazine, the Liberty National Book Club selection is Leadership Lessons of the Navy SEALs by Jeff Cannon and Jon Cannon.

Liberty National Book Club - Lessons From Navy SEALs

Liberty National Book Club – Lessons From Navy SEALs

Take some advice from the nation’s elite! No one understands the importance of leadership principles better than those who serve and help protect our country.

Get valuable information from top-notch leaders.

What did you find most effective in terms of the book’s discussion on communication, organization, structure, trust, preparation, and training? Think about what you’ve read and assess how you’ll innovate and promote the change you want to see in your Agency. Make a list of the best leadership points detailed in the book to help you implement new and successful procedures in your Agency.

We all need to work on perfecting specific leadership skills. Figure out what you need to brush up on and become a guru in the subject. Lead from the front. Build the foundation for others to trust and follow your vision! Sharing what you learn with your team puts everyone on the path to success.

Share your leadership advice with other Liberty National Agents.

Read any good leadership materials lately? Who are some of your favorite leaders and authors you’d like to see featured in the Liberty National Book Club?