Liberty National Book Club – Influencer: The Power to Change AnythingHave you read the Liberty National February Book Club choice Influencer: The Power to Change Anything by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Granny, David Maxfield, and Ron McMillan? Grab your copy and share some of the knowledge!

Becoming an Influencer

After reading the material, have you decided whether or not you’re an influencer? Influencers motivate others to change, make things happen, and learn from experiences to develop helpful career-altering skills. Influencers not only take charge and develop successful careers, but they also show others how to achieve their dreams.

Once you’ve mastered the principles detailed in the book, you can influence others and help them undergo personal growth and create a new culture in their work lives. Get empowered today! Embrace your journey to success. Once you’ve influenced the change, there’s no stopping it!

Liberty National Implements Effective Change

Change can be a really good thing. Especially at Liberty National where we’re constantly innovating and creating new opportunities for recruiting and providing insurance coverage to families that need it. The Opportunity of a Lifetime has tremendous influence on the lives of Agents and the people who benefit from the legacy they establish.

If you haven’t already, grab your copy of the Liberty National Book Club leadership guide. What knowledge did you take from the leadership guide? How can you influence positive change in your Agency? Share your thoughts with us here!