Do you watch sports? Of course you do. We all do … whether it’s college football, professional basketball, or your daughter’s soccer game. Involvement in sports is a part of life in the United States. But why does it grab and hold our interest to such a degree? It’s the competition! We love competition among athletes. Who’s the biggest fullback? Who kicks the longest field goal? Who’s the best goalkeeper? Who’s the fastest runner?  If there was no competition among athletes, there would be no reason to work at improving one’s speed, strength, or skill level. Competition makes athletes — and all of us — better.

Liberty National - Be Your Best!Whether during the Olympics or on a high school or college football field, you witness the same sense of competition … the desire for both personal and team excellence. That’s why I talk so much about competition. Whether you’re aiming for Olympic gold in the 400 meter relay, determined to win the state football championship, or planning to increase your production by 15 percent next month, the goal is to be better, to improve your performance. But competition is not only with others; it’s internal as well. When Olympians win a bronze, don’t they want the silver next time? If they score a silver medal, don’t they want the gold next time? When you have a great month, don’t you want an even better one next month? Whether you compete against others or yourselves, it really doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you compete; that you strive for improvement and continue the process month after month and year after year.

Liberty National Growth and Success

So how do you have a better month? It comes down to coding and retention. Coding is not an arbitrary event; it’s an absolutely necessary event … and the sooner the better! When you help new Agents code in their first week, you are setting them (and yourself) on the path to growth and success. Not only do they receive compensation for the business they write, they can also receive additional money in the form of production pay. When new Agents make money, they are much more likely to stay. And isn’t that what this whole process it about? We want to get productive people in the door, and we want to keep them. As I’ve said so often, the one guaranteed way I know to increase production in your Agency is to increase the number of people who submit business on a weekly basis. It comes down to recruit, hire, train, and code. And I can’t emphasize training enough. A better trained Agent is always a more productive Agent. A productive Agent is a well-paid Agent, which equates to a retained Agent. Train them properly BEFORE they hit the field. Agency Directors and Supervising Agents should review all sales and prospecting material with a new Agent and role play in a controlled environment. Inspect the level of knowledge the new Agent possesses to assist the individual who works with the new Agent in the field.

An Upward Trend

Create a competitive culture within your Agency. Keep the competitive juices continually flowing to take advantage of the natural desire to be better than the next person. Get your mind in a place where nothing but your best will do, and then proceed to do it. The toughness in your mind and the grit in your heart will determine how well you pursue the goal and how much you are willing to sacrifice for victory.

As I’ve reviewed our numbers over the past months, we are experiencing promising trends with regard to production. Instead of this being a temporary trend, let’s all commit to making it a permanent tradition, one of growth and prosperity that creates wealth, quality leadership, and the opportunity of a lifetime for all who come through our doors. We know it isn’t always easy, and it will be one step at a time. But remember, small victories eventually add up to BIG victories. When you embrace your ultimate challenge, when you know in your gut you have put it all on the line, there’s no way you can miss.