I’m excited about the official Liberty National Company theme for 2014, and I am proud to accept it as my own. ‘I Believe’ is full of possibilities and potential we all can embrace.

Liberty National – Do You Believe? Here’s what I believe:

  • You have an incredible opportunity to protect people by providing needed coverage for individuals and families.
  • Liberty National has the training, systems, and technology in place to help you reach production goals that surpass anything you have achieved so far.
  • Each and every one of you as Agents, Supervising Agents, Agency Directors, and Agency Owners has the potential to overcome obstacles, grow financially, and achieve greatness.
  • Liberty National offers unlimited growth opportunities and recruiting and training systems to make your Agencies unstoppable!
  • You can push yourselves to achieve incredible goals.
  • Nothing can hold you back!
  • With your help, Liberty National will achieve substantial growth in 2014.

Agency Owners and team members helped Liberty National grow and implement new systems in 2013. When I look back on our successes, it makes me anticipate this time next year when I can review our increase in production, the addition of new offices in places where Liberty National had never been, the increase in our middle management, and the significant impact those
individuals have on our bottom line. This is a joint effort, because together is the only way we will achieve the goals we have put in place as individuals and as a Company. Agency Owners, Agency Directors, Supervising Agents, and Agents – it’s up to you. I BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT. DO YOU BELIEVE?

It’s time to set your personal goals as well as your Agency goals for the coming year. This is the time to establish your ‘I believe’ number. Visualize where you want to be. Decide how you can specifically help your Agency evolve to create financial success for everyone. Determine how you can best protect hardworking families across this county and provide the ‘Opportunity of a Lifetime’ to the communities you serve. I BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT. DO YOU BELIEVE?

You are all Agency builders, whether Agency Owners, Agency Directors, Supervising Agents, or Agents. Your goal is to help take your Agency and your team members to the next level of success. Clear expectations, coupled with inspection and accountability will give you the desired result … growth like you have never experienced before. I BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT. DO YOU BELIEVE?

2014 Off to a Great Start at Liberty National

How can you create a spectacular 2014? Think BIG and you can achieve BIG! Believe in yourself, your Agency, and Liberty National. Get together and plan how you can make 2014 the best year of your life. Make sure everyone in your Agency is fully aware of the goals and objectives you’ve agreed upon and the specific actions necessary to successfully meet those goals. Clearly communicate that personal accountability will be the foundation of everyone’s success. Believe in your team and believe in yourself and put a plan together to create an EPIC year for your Agency. I BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT. DO YOU BELIEVE?

I believe we will have a sensational 2014 at Liberty National. I believe we have the systems in place to make it happen and the desire to win. Above all, I BELIEVE IN YOU!