While you’re in New Orleans for Liberty National Convention in June, you’ll be tempted by famous Cajun foods, delicious restaurants, and popular drinks. (Go easy on the Hurricanes, people!) If you have a list of all the prestigious restaurants you want to be sure and visit, add breakfast or brunch at the historical Café du Monde to the lineup.

Liberty National – Beignet Breakfast Anyone? Big Easy Breakfast

Café du Monde was established in 1862 in New Orleans’ French Market. The cafe is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is located on Decatur Street in the French Quarter. You can’t miss it! Lines of hungry tourists flood the sidewalk up to the outdoor seating area covered by the bright green and white striped overhang. Everyone wants to get their hands on the sugary, authentic, French beignets the restaurant is known for. (Make sure you’re not shy with the napkins! These beignets are some of the best and make for a messy breakfast experience.)

Beignets are most commonly served as a dessert topped with powdered sugar. The scrumptious breakfast food is served fresh and hot, and is commonly found among New Orleans’ Creole food options. Leave it to New Orleans to turn dessert into breakfast! Did you know beignets are considered the state donut of Louisiana*?

Experience New Orleans Culture with Liberty National

Get your caffeine on and start your adventurous and exciting day of Convention at Café du Monde! Tummy rumbling yet? Are you looking forward to #LNLConvention2014 in June? What are some other restaurants you want to try?

*http://www.statesymbolsusa.org/Louisiana/donut_beignet.html, 2014