Liberty National’s Agency Owner Clint McLain, Jasper, AlabamaIf you were one of the lucky Supervising Agents who attended Leadership Academy 101 in September at the Home Office in McKinney, you got to hear from Agency Owner Clint McLain.

Implementing Effective Systems to Grow with Liberty National

Clint shared some of the secrets to his success, and emphasized how implementing systems and training leads to more activity for Agents.

“You can’t only be good at recruiting. You have to be good at training,” Clint told the crowd.

Clint thinks real results stem from strategy and execution. He knows that in order to build a career you must focus on building an Agency and use the systems that are proven effective.

Recognizing What it Takes to Achieve Results

“The more people we help protect, the more income we make,” Clint told attending SAs.

Clint has the opportunity within his leadership role to help others build profitable and meaningful careers. He challenged #LLA101 attendees to rise up and have consistent rhythm every day of the week to achieve the sales they desire.

Clint has been an Agency Owner since 2007, and a repeating member of the Council of Champions. Can you take Clint’s advice and apply it to your own daily business?