Liberty National – Achieving Greatness as a LeaderWhat does it take to step up to the next level at Liberty National? Why is it so few companies develop from an organization with good results as measured on the stock market to great ones?

What makes great leaders? Is it their courage? Their business acumen? Their expert knowledge? Their ability to organize? Truly great leaders have a specific blend of skills and they all possess certain characteristics which are harder to define.

If you are in a leadership role then you have likely wondered how you can move to the next level going from good to great leadership.

The concept of great leadership was detailed by business consultant Jim Collins. He wrote about the concept in a 2001 Harvard business review, and published his research in From Good to Great.

Leaders have humility and they don’t seek success for their own glory. For leaders, success is necessary so the team and organization can thrive. Leaders tend to share credit for their success and they are the first ones to accept blame for mistakes.

Collins also says leaders are often shy, but fearless when it comes to making decisions. Especially the decisions that are most risky.

Going to the next level are the ones who build enduring personal humility. Every one of the good to great Agencies have such leaders in the transition phase. They are timid and ferocious. They are shy and fearless and modest with an unwavering commitment to higher standards. It takes time and effort to become such a leader, but the good news is it can be done. Especially if they have the passion to try.

Here are some strategies that help leaders grow emotionally and professionally:

  • personal humility
  • asking for help
  • use standards and systems
  • channel ambition
  • assume responsibility for results and give credit to others
  • have unwavering resolve to produce long-term results
  • set standards for building a great Agency
  • find the right people
  • lead with passion