Liberty Leadership Academy 201:  Where UMs Take the Leap to Greatness

Liberty Leadership Academy 201: Where UMs Take the Leap to Greatness

One day in and it’s clear these Unit Managers are ready to build for growth and change lives … but we’re not quite done yet!

Attendees are being mesmerized by amazing performances from Sami Nizam, Michele Sellors, Luke Gilliam, and other familiar Liberty National faces. Today’s topics include AUM Development, Sustaining Performances, Coaching Talent, and that’s just the start.

#LLA201 speakers are also delivering big time on the importance – the necessity – of ESTABLISHING A VISION.  At Leadership Academy, however, speakers dive much deeper than the simple establishment of a vision. Here, attendees learn how to provide INFLUENCE, set up STRONG SYSTEMS, IMPLEMENT those systems, and INSPECT those systems – the jobs of a leader, says Roger Smith, President and CEO of Liberty National.

As Roger Smith says, “Branch Builders have a responsibility to help new Agents when they’re hired, and more importantly, to provide INFLUENCE to those new Agents. In order to influence though, Agency Builders must be trusted, and the only way to gain trust in this business is RESULTS.” Fortunately, results will be seen IN SPADES upon the completion of today’s Leadership Academy!

We’re hours from the triumphant finale of the #LLA201. Branch Managers, get ready – these UMs are heading back to the Branch tomorrow as entirely different UMs … more prepared, more dedicated, and more intent on Branch-building than ever before.

Now that we’re nearing the end of #LLA201, what was the most VALUABLE information you can’t wait to impart to others in your Branch? What RESULTS are you confident will come out of this week’s Leadership Academy?