Liberty National Leadership Academy 101This is it, future leaders! All your tireless work and dedication has led to this day, when you finally graduate from Liberty National’s Leadership Academy 101. The past two days have flown by like a fighter jet, but your mission isn’t over yet. Prepare for a high-octane day of coaching from Liberty National’s leaders and make sure to absorb as much life-changing advice as you can. Savor these moments, because this is your last chance to enjoy all that #LLA101 has to offer, from the enthralling speakers to the mouth-watering food and Red Bull. Hold on tight to the shirts and sunglasses you scored in the Social Media Challenges, because the best is yet to come!

As you approach the end of your 101 training, take a moment to think back on all you learned this week. What piece of leadership advice spoke to you the most? Tell us in the comments!