It's almost showtime.

They’re on their way.

Their outfit has been chosen, airfare booked, and the freshly pressed red carpet laid. All that’s left is the arrival of the finest group of Liberty National Agency Builders yet in McKinney, Texas.

Once this top-notch group arrives, they’ll be rewarded, not with Oscars, but with life-changing knowledge, career-altering insight, and nonstop, in-their-face wisdom. All this glamour and glitz is gonna amount to one thing for these attendees:  empowerment to help build Branches.

The hosts of this year’s Liberty Leadership Academy Awards are a dynamic team of leaders that put the Billy Crystals and Steve Martins of the world to shame. They’re all established veterans of the biz, eager to pass on their experience to the next generation of Liberty National leaders. Experience that understands what it takes to recruit, build teams, and grow confidence; everything these ambitious attendees need to prosper.

It’s going to be a spectacular three days. The food … the networking … the confidence-building for a career on the fast track.

They’re on their way, and after being awarded the life-changing knowledge, career-altering insight, and nonstop, in-their-face wisdom … they won’t be going home the same people. They’ll be going back as the future leading men and women – the future A-list superstars – of Liberty National.

As an Agency Builder, what type of advice are you hoping for during this year’s Liberty Leadership Academy Awards?