Over the course of three days, #LLA101 attendees were LOADED with info sure to empower each and every now-graduate of Leadership Academy to succeed in their business. How?

  • By providing a VISION!
  • By providing INFLUENCE!
  • By ensuring STRONG SYSTEMS within their team!
  • By IMPLEMENTING those systems!
  • By INSPECTING those systems!

#LLA101: The Class of December 2012

AUMs – the next step is simple:  take the vast knowledge you received during these past three days at Liberty National Leadership Academy and IMPLEMENT. Make it happen! Put it to use! Build teams and expand your business! You’re now one GIGANTIC step closer to the UM position and, ultimately, leading a Branch of your own.

Keep your enthusiasm level high (as high as it is right now!) and you’re sure to head back to your Branch with boundless inspiration and influence to impart on the masses.

Trust us when we say ‘The Opportunity of a Lifetime’ is only just beginning. As a future leader of this Company, you’re in for quite a ride … a fulfilling and prosperous ride. Safe travels!

Now that we’ve reached the conclusion of #LLA101, what was the single most VALUABLE piece of information you can’t wait to impart to others in your Branch?