#LLA101 attendees are on the fast track to leadership!

Expectations:  Exceeded!!

If the first day of Liberty Leadership Academy was The Godfather, then the second day was The Godfather Part II – a thrilling sequel just as good as its predecessor with an equally outstanding cast.

Attendees at the Home Office were mesmerized by amazing performances today from Roger Smith, Liberty National President and CEO, Mark Woodruff, Montgomery Branch Manager, and Mike Sheets, Director of Needs-Based Selling, among others. Topics included New Hire Pipeline Management, Training for Excellence, Sustaining Performance … and that’s just the start!

On top of being LOADED with career-altering information, this #LLA101 has proven to be a networking frenzy for this elite group of AUMs. You can hardly turn a corner in the Home Office without finding enthusiastic Agency Builders swapping stories, information, and helpful tips. At LLAs, more than any other gathering, the idea of ‘in business for yourself, but not by yourself’ comes into play.

With one momentary glance around Torchmark’s Conference Center, it’s clear things are changing. People are changing. Careers are changing.

So much knowledge being tossed around, and we’re not done yet. Tomorrow is the triumphant finale of the Liberty Leadership Academy Awards. The last round of Liberty National heavy hitters to make their way to the stage tomorrow includes Kathy Blanco, Luke Gilliam, Sami Nizam, and others. Branch Managers, get ready – these AUMs are heading back to the Branch tomorrow as entirely different AUMs … more prepared, more dedicated, and more intent on recruiting and team-building than ever before.

Attendees – after these first two days, what tips or techniques are you MOST excited to take back to your Branch?