Liberty National Leadership AcademyHow’s it going at Leadership Academy 201, Agents? Are you pumped up after your first day?

By now, you’ve gained some valuable insight into how to grow your Agency and mold a successful team of Liberty National Agents. Take a look around. You’re surrounded by some of the best that Liberty National has to offer, and they’re ready to share their knowledge and expertise with you! What exciting new information have you gathered from them so far?

A Wealth of Knowledge at Liberty National Leadership Academy

But wait, there’s much more to Leadership Academy 201 than hearing from Executives about what it takes to get be a successful leader. Have you shared your experiences with the fellow Agents surrounding you? Remember, you all made it to Leadership Academy 201, but how you got here may be completely different from the person next to you.

What ideas have worked at your Agency? What strategies haven’t gone as planned? Get out there and see what you can learn! You never know if a connection you make here could be the greatest resource for your career down the road.

What do you feel is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned at Liberty National Leadership Academy so far? Let us know in the comments below!