A true success story is the leader who emerges from Liberty National’s Leadership Academy. The tales of these legends are shrouded in mystery and hallowed reverence among LNL peers and leaders. So we’re bringing you facts about these esteemed grads. Check out our list below.

  1. They can dance.Liberty National Dances

  2. They are undercover superheroes.Liberty National Superheroes

  1. They live for a photobomb.Liberty National Photobomb

  1. They enjoy a good game at Globe Life Park.Liberty National at Globe Life Park

  1. They go crazy for free T -shirts!Winning T-shirts at Liberty Nationa

  1. They can pack away a steak dinner.Liberty National Leadership Academy Attendees at Dinner

  1. Most importantly, Leadership Academy grads BELIEVE!Liberty National Believes

Are you a Leadership Academy Legend?

If you’ve attended Leadership Academy, let us know in the comments below which course you aced and what you learned at the Home Office!