Louis Norrell - Liberty National Director

Louis Norrell – Liberty National Director

We want recruits to know that Liberty National is searching for people who have:

1. aptitude for leadership

2. coachable attitudes/ability to coach others

3. eagerness to improve as a leader

4. a clear vision of success for them and the people they lead

Many of you who read these articles each week are either new Agents trying to decide whether you want to become a Supervising Agent (SA) or not, or you’re a current SA building your team in order to become a new Agency Director (AD).

In order to be the best leader you can be with Liberty National, you need to be in constant study with a good leadership book that can help you improve each day and week as a leader. People on your team will have different desires and different motivations.

12 Types of People

In his book, Leading by Design, Dr. Andrew Westmoreland discusses how to lead these 12 types of people:

  • Eager people (who jump in quickly)
  • Rigid people (want you to fit in their box)
  • Demanding people (use intimidation and manipulation)
  • Available people (need a role and someone to believe in them)
  • Hurting people (are sidetracked by grief)
  • Negative people (gripe and complain about almost everything)
  • Irresponsible people (do not do what they say they will do)
  • Cautious people (sometimes just too timid)
  • Sneaky people (use gossip and lies to hurt others)
  • Vicious people (delight in destroying others)
  • Hurried people (only feel content when they are busy)
  • Invisible people (need someone to stop and notice them)

Lead at Liberty National

John Maxwell reminds us that real “leadership is influence … nothing more, nothing less.” If you can influence these 12 types of people with insight, wisdom, and courage, you can become an outstanding leader and help people get what they want.

Seek out good leadership material as you grow and lead your Liberty National team.