Kevin Peterson – A New Chapter in His Liberty National Career

Kevin Peterson – A New Chapter in His Liberty National Career

New Agency Owner Kevin Peterson is a great example of success at Liberty National. After recently opening a new office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he’s already sharing the Opportunity of Lifetime with countless individuals and providing helpful coverage to American families.

“The last two years with Liberty National have been an incredible journey for me and my family! As I look back on the hard work and dedication put in, I can’t help but be grateful for each person who played a part in helping me live out this awesome opportunity as an Agency Owner. I look forward to helping make a life-changing financial and career impact on each person I’m entrusted to lead and develop on a daily basis. Whatever background you’ve come from, may this be the first leg of your own personal story and journey to success with Liberty National.” –AO Kevin Peterson

Benefits of opening your own Liberty National Agency Office:

  • Prestige, ownership, and pride
  • Room to grow
  • Live and work in the location of your dreams
  • Expand your career and control your destiny
  • Create a magnetic culture and bring in new talent
  • Make a name for yourself and establish a legacy

Congratulations on your new position and Liberty National Office, Kevin!

How will you make a name for yourself?

Are you interested in taking your Liberty National career to the next level or becoming an Agency Owner? Where will you stake your claim? Share your plans with us in the comments section below!