Louis Norrell - Liberty National Life Director

Louis Norrell - Liberty National Life Director

I have spent almost every day of my 33-plus-year career at Liberty National Life Insurance Company trying to educate and convince the person I’m speaking with at the time that ‘it’ is not about them. ‘It’ is about someone else.

As an Agent at Liberty National, my job was to educate and convince the prospect the life insurance contract we were discussing really wasn’t for them. ‘It’ was for the benefit of the people left behind — the people they loved and cared for.  ‘It’ provided money needed for final expenses, a monthly income to pay household bills, the home mortgage or rent, and money to educate the kids.

As a Unit Manager, my job was to educate and convince new Agents-in-training that ‘it’ wasn’t really about them. ‘It’ was about future policyholders and their beneficiaries. I taught activity levels high enough to guarantee success. I taught that if we care enough about the people we serve, our income will take care of itself. The more people we see and the more people we help, the more money we earn. If Agents are to be really successful, they can’t just look for people to sell to. They have to look for people they can help … and there are plenty of them.

As a Branch Manager, my job was to educate and convince the talented Unit Managers I had the privilege of working with that ‘it’ wasn’t really about them. I knew they could sell. ‘It’ was about transferring the skills and knowledge necessary for new Agents-in-training to become independent of those of us in management. ‘It’ was about mastering the Laptop Sales Presentation and the eApp so they could teach it to others. ‘It’ was not about how much they could sell; ‘it’ was about helping the new Agent-in-training be successful.

As a Director, my job is to educate and convince the talented leadership teams in my region that ‘it’ is not always just about their success. ‘It’ is also about the success of others. ‘It’ is the Career Track and our ability to communicate how it works and serves those who follow it. ‘It’ is about the new recruit that becomes an Agent-in-training … then a Licensed Agent … then an Assistant Unit Manager … and then a Unit Manager. These career transitions are a vital part of the vision that is Liberty National Life Insurance Company  and are the future Branch Managers, Directors, and SVPs that we need for the next 112-plus-years.

So, future leaders, maybe ‘it’ is about you after all. ‘It’ is a 10-year, vested, lifetime renewal income compensation plan for your future that comes with the satisfaction of serving, educating, and convincing others … and ‘it’ can start for you today!

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