Sami Nizam -- Liberty National Life Senior Vice President

Sami Nizam - Liberty National Life Senior Vice President

When I came to the United States from Lebanon as a young man, I was full of dreams for a bright future.  After all, this was the land of opportunity, and it didn’t matter who you were or where you came from, opportunity was here for the taking.

But even then, I was smart enough to know I would have to work hard to take advantage of that opportunity and achieve those dreams.  I also knew one quality I needed to achieve my goals was discipline.  Well, here I am … 30 plus years later … and you know what?  I’ve done what I set out to do.  But I couldn’t have done it without discipline.

Why do some people seem to achieve so much in life and others so little?  We all have the same 24 hours in a day and the same seven days in the week to accomplish our goals.  Why do some of us succeed while others fall short?  The answer is discipline.  If you have discipline in your life … personally, professionally, or both … the whole world is open to you.

A strong, disciplined work ethic translates to other Branch members, and we positively impact those around us by our example.  If we are disciplined in terms of recruiting, training, coding, and production practices, our team members will be as well. It is ultimately our responsibility as leaders to start the discipline ball rolling so it can successfully be passed to Unit Managers, Assistant Unit Managers, and Agents.

At the Branch Managers meeting the end of this month in Las Vegas, attendees will focus on setting goals for the coming year. We’ve all learned a lot in this year of transition and have new insights into what is needed to get even more accomplished in 2013.  Execution, the Discipline of Getting Things Done by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan is an excellent resource on how to get things done.  The authors link together three processes that are critical to success in any organization … people, strategy, and operations.  Liberty National has looked critically at all three of these areas this year and put processes and procedures in place to address them.  That process will continue in 2013.  We know we are on the right track, with discipline, we will get there … of that, I have no doubt.