Insurance Industry – Questioning the UninsuredAs an insurance Agent, your career is always different and you have to be prepared to respond to ever-changing insurance demands in your community.

Did you know that Texas, one of the largest and most populated states in the country also has the highest number of uninsured citizens? Half of the nation’s uninsured citizens are within six states*.

Liberty National Bridges the Gap

So what’s the cause for the dramatic number of uninsured Texans and Americans? Whether it’s the high cost during hard economic times, the decreasing number of companies offering insurance to employees, a citizen’s choice to go without, being poor, or being rejected or deemed uninsurable by a company, the factors lead to uncertainty about the insurance industry. What can Liberty National Agents do to bridge the gap?

As an insurance professional, why is it vital to alter the growing trend of uninsured people?

*The New York Times, 2012