Influence – it makes all the difference in the world of business and especially in our industry. Whether it’s influencing clients to make a purchasing choice, influencing those on our team to make good work decisions, or influencing potential recruits to take that leap into the Liberty National Opportunity of a Lifetime, we all seek to be on the winning side of influence.

Influence at Liberty National

Influence at Liberty National

Influence makes all the difference

For some, inspiring others comes as naturally as breathing. These are the charmers – those born with the gift of likability, jovial natures, and the skill of fitting in no matter the social or business setting.

They influence others by the sheer force of their overwhelming personalities. People like them, and that translates into a kind of trust and sometimes even a subconscious desire to please.

This is not a skill so much as a state of being, and it’s one that cannot be mimicked. Too often leadership presentations and sales seminars focus on trying to motivate people into being this type of influencer, and as a result it sends a whole group of people out into the world trying to be charming, but they come off as fake and uncaring instead.

So what of the introvert? How does the wallflower become a force of influence in the business world? According to Brian J. Brim, Ed.D., Senior Practice Consultant for Gallup and author of Strengths Based Selling, the key is recognizing your talents and making use of them.

For instance, if your strengths lie in empathizing with your client by understanding their desires and needs, then meet them where they are and show that level of understanding and care. Impact their decisions for their own good by helping guide them to their best purchasing choice.

In a leader or team member situation, that influence might look like mentoring someone you supervise or providing work outside the specific scope of your job description in order to fit the needs of the team. In that case your hard work, dedication, and drive become influencing factors for those around you.

Find influence at Liberty National

Brim goes on to note that those who dropped the act of influencing beyond their natural talents and instead followed their instinctual ability to connect with others, found their influence with clients  and others grew by leaps and bounds as they became someone others could trust to care.

And that’s the key. Whether your realm of influence is in being everyone’s gregarious friend or in being the quiet and understanding wallflower, the secret is to be sure those you seek to influence know you care. To do that, your level of concern for those around you has to be genuine. Care for others and the world will reciprocate.

Wield whatever authority you carry wisely and with great ethical concern. Be just and understanding in your dealings with whoever may be in your field of influence whether they’re in your Liberty National Agency, on your management team, a client, or your family and friends, and you’ll find yourself rewarded.